Philosophies of Man


Remember Superman? Spiderman? The Incredible Hulk? The idea of humans morphing into something with extraordinary powers. Those Marvel Comics writers got their ‘inspiration’ from somewhere… so bear with me here as I get a bit ‘Sci-fi’.

I used to like watching the old Incredible Hulk series. Then I remember watching the Incredible Hulk film out of Hollywood much later. It was a lot different to the old TV series from years back, about this sad, lonely man on a quest to find a cure for a radiation experiment gone wrong, which resulted in him turning into a green monster when he got angry or stressed. (Ever wonder how the trousers he wore which ripped when he became the monster, somehow still fitted him when he reverted back again?). I noticed that the film which came out, actually brought things to a more sinister flavour, with the character starting to like the fact that he changed into a green beast, rather than being desperate for a cure.

The concept of man becoming super-human, invincible, perhaps even like a ‘god’, or robots having human aspects to them, is something that is not confined to Marvel comics and fantasy films such as ‘I-Robot’ (Will Smith starring). There is actually a real movement of research and efforts towards the ‘enhancement’ of humans physiologically, to seek to manipulate DNA, to integrate technology with humanity. The concept is called Transhumanism. There is a transhumanist website you can see here. As you scroll down the page, you will see a link to a website with the name ‘lucifer’. (I have not ventured into that particular link as yet). See screenshot below and note the red circle towards the end, which is evidence before someone may decide to change the name of it to be more appealing:-

Please watch this sobering intro video clip on the sinister theme of ‘transhumanism’ (less than 4 minutes in total):-

Why is this something to take any notice of? Because if there is a real movement to alter the human state, to improve it with technology, it actually removes the boundaries on what humans should achieve. It dehumanises humanity. ‘Trans’ is short for transcend – going beyond. This is something we, as followers of Christ the Lord, should object to.

A super-brain goes beyond accountability. It transcends morality… a law unto itself. This was highlighted in a very sinister film called ‘Lucy’ (2014). The synopsis is this: “Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a woman forced to become a drug mule against her will. When the drugs leak inside her, she is transformed into a superhuman warrior with unprecedented mental powers and a taste for vengeance.” I don’t recommend you watch the whole film, but the trailer is readily available. Whilst the initial experience of ‘Lucy’ was about being forced to carry drugs against her will, the resulting effects, though a fantasy story, actually present to the audience an example of being transhuman – transcending one’s human capacities – with shocking results. She eventually merges with technology, taking over the airwaves… uncontrollable. Isn’t this what satan, the enemy of our souls, wants for himself? To take over? Looked at Revelation lately in the Bible?

The enemy of our souls knows that he cannot win against God our Creator. He knows that every drop of the shed blood of Christ our Lord has purchased our redemption. Satan can do nothing to stop that… but what he can do is try to pervert or destroy humans made in God’s image. We see this happening through another ‘trans’ – namely, the transgender issue. (Remember that ‘trans’ is about ‘going beyond’). The boundaries are being aggressively pushed further and further back, even young children are being affected by the onslaught. Ultimately, it’s called rebellion. The ongoing results from the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.

So, what can we do about all this? First, ensuring our own lives are ‘hidden’ in Christ (Colossians 3). If we have each truly received the Lord Jesus as our Saviour, that is the beginning. We then need to go on to maturity. We must be careful not to focus too much on or worry about what satan’s doing, but if we are unaware, how can we prayerfully resist, and engage meaningfully with others who don’t know the truth? If we happen to meet someone who is all for transhumanism, do we have a response? We are called to be like our Lord Jesus who “has loved righteousness and hated lawlessness” (Hebrews 1:9).

As Satan tries to corrupt humanity, and seeks to make God’s church ineffective through fleshly distractions, temptations and unresolved personal issues, God is calling us to be overcomers. God leads us in victory over this fallen world through faith in Him – the One who is really in charge!

I recommend the video below by Pastor Zac Poonen of CFC India, as he teaches very wisely about our faith life.

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