A Reasoned Faith

You Can’t Have it Both Ways!

Satan is devious…. well I suppose as he knows his time is short, he is trying hard to either block people from coming to Christ, or trying to distract or intimidate followers of Christ to not seek to proclaim the gospel of Christ to people.  He often does this through zealous people of other beliefs who actively oppose Christianity.

In our interactions with some people who follow other belief systems, sometimes this deviousness does show forth through those who are keen to declare their objections to the Christian faith.  One of the ways this happens is through using questionable sources which claim to be additional gospel writings, that actually contradict what is written in the Holy Bible, God’s word.  One such example is the ‘Gospel of Barnabas’.  A particular Muslim speaker, during Christian/Muslim debate meetings, referred to this so-called ‘gospel’ in her presentations, even though this ‘gospel’ was refuted as written around the 14th or 15th century A.D, in comparison to the real gospel writings which were all within 30 to 90 approximate years of Christ’s first coming.  The point being, when the apostles, and their close associates, were still around to confirm things.  Some of the epistles of the apostle Paul were written even earlier.

For more information:- historical-reliability-gospels

These dear zealous people will on the one hand claim that the Holy Bible has been ‘changed’, yet on the other hand claim to believe that a much later ‘gospel’ writing, which contradicts what was already revealed, must be true.  They want it both ways!  Reject the Bible, but accept later claimed Biblical writings when it suits their agenda of refutation.

So, don’t be intimidated or distracted by the devil’s schemes at work through these encounters.  Stand confident in who the Lord Jesus is. We have a historical faith and the Holy Bible has been scrutinised and stood the test.

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