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A few weeks back as I was walking to a friend’s house, I met two neatly-attired young men coming the opposite way, who are with the LDS religion (generally known as Mormonism).  One of them offered me their card, but I declined and indicated that I know about their religion already and that I follow Jesus Christ.  We then proceeded to have an interesting discussion about what is the Church, had it really all fallen away, resulting in the need for a man named Joseph Smith to start it all over again?  Look at this link from an LDS website:-
To summarise their false understanding, their doctrine is that after the original Apostles of Christ died, that men corrupted the gospel, and that people (the Church) were without divine direction or prophets until 1820 when their false prophet Joseph Smith began a ‘restoration’!  One of the Holy Bible verses they refer to is found in Galatians 1v6 (click to read) where the Apostle Paul expresses his astonishment about the Galatian believers turning away.  However, a full reading of the whole book of Galatians makes it quite clear that there were certain individuals bringing in false doctrine but that the community of a believers as a whole were not falling away, so it was a warning, not a proof text of the whole Body of Christ falling away.  False ‘Christian’ movements have this common feature of taking individual Bible verses and twisting the meaning to suit their false beliefs.

Why do I share this information?  To inform and help equip us who are true witnesses of Christ, to not shy away from these cults but to know how to respond to their false beliefs, with patience and love.  The 2 young men I met were therefore challenged to consider that the Holy Bible does NOT teach that the Church was totally apostate, which means they would then need to question other things about their religion.  I prayed for them when I departed from them, that God will continue to show them Truth.
“Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.” (Gal. 6v18)

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