Silvano’s Story


I was exposed to the concept of God and specifically Jesus from an early age. My mum was a Christian. I had always believed that I was a good child. I didn’t swear, I didn’t steal. I lied but they weren’t bad lies and they always had an entertaining aspect to them. I disobeyed my parents sometimes but that’s what kids were meant to do. I believed that being good was good enough.

Religious Activity

My Mum worshipped in a church family (community) every week. My Dad, though not a believer at the time, insisted we went to church with Mum each week. One day in my mid teens I heard a sermon talking about the reality of hell and that the only way to escape it was by saying yes to Jesus. Being good in ourselves wasn’t enough.

I’ve often shied away from sharing my testimony as it doesn’t sound as big and as impressive as many of the testimonies I heard as a young Christian in church. Drug dealers, ex-offenders, people with highly promiscuous pasts who had had their lives radically transformed by the love of Jesus would leave me feeling as though what I had to share wasn’t as significant. But sin is sin and Christ died for all of our sins, whether we perceive them to be great or small. In the Bible, James 2:10 tells us that if we have indeed broken one law we are guilty of breaking all.

New faith in Jesus

It’s remarkable how God has made something new out of my old habits. My overactive imagination that led me to fabricate big, beautiful, untruthful stories – otherwise known as lies – now helps me to create plays and film scripts sharing Christian principles and beliefs in an entertaining way.