Divya’s Story


I was born a Hindu, worshiping idols and participating in all the rituals that come with the religion. I was very involved in pleasing the gods by reading the Hindu scriptures, serving at the local temples, praying for long hours, doing aarti and fasting.

I got married and came to Hong Kong. 3 years later my sister got married into a family where her sister-in-law was a Christian. I was aware that my sister had become a Christian. I would reject all her pleas to believe or even hearing her out. I was confident that my god was the right one because I was born in that religion. I told her “if it has worked for you, that’s fine, but please don’t tell me.”

My sister prayed for me continuously.

Journey to faith in Jesus.

Five years later, one day I was invited to church by a friend and was INSTANTLY hooked. That particular day the church was celebrating Father’s day. (Looking in hindsight – a real celebration of THE Father choosing me). The messages were clear and easy to understand. It felt real to me from all aspects. I could FEEL the love from the fellow church members. When I told my sister that I went to church, she was surprised and extremely happy because she on her own would never have been able to convince me. But I still didn’t accept Jesus as my God.

The following year, I was visiting my sister and the pastor there read out from the Bible verses that identified a Christian. I thought to myself: I am all of those; I accepted the Lord right there without hesitation.
From then onwards, it was a journey that has shown me time and time again that there is no other God except THIS God. He is the true light, the way and the truth.

Life is different now.

It has been proven that my God cares and listens and fulfills all His promises that He has given in the Bible. Every time I obeyed His word from the Bible, things just started turning around. I thought to myself “this is SO simple. All I have to do is just follow” (meaning not having to ‘earn’ His grace). I have accomplished things I would have NEVER imagined I was capable of – the biggest achievement being sending my daughter overseas to study – all thanks to the Lord Almighty.

The key to living a full and content life is obedience, which is loving and honouring God.
I cannot imagine my life without the presence of Jesus in it. It would have absolutely NO purpose.